3 Effective Ways To Save Yourself Time In Your Pest Control Business

28 October 2014
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If you're like most pest control professionals, you are probably always looking for new ways to save time running your business without sacrificing your profits or success. Luckily, there are several great ways to improve time management during your business day—try one or more of these effective options:

Invest in Software

One of the best ways to save some time when managing your pest control business is to invest in automation software from a company like Pocomos. Pest control software will allow you to manage your business on your mobile devices while you're on the go, and you streamline the process at the office too. The best software out there has features such as:

  • The ability to automatically schedule recurring service appointments.
  • Optimization options for choosing appointment times for busy customers.
  • Data organization features that can be fully controlled via a web based application.

These features will ensure that you and your employees are on the same page when servicing clients. Employees can input service information and customer notes that are securely stored within the software for easy access. No longer will you have to worry about missing appointments or double-booking customers. 

Send Reminders Newsletters

Don't spend your time chasing customers and trying to get them to schedule follow-up checkups or regular appointments. Instead, set up an automated email campaign online. There are many major autoresponder companies on the market that will allow you to set up a series of reminder emails and company newsletters, and then send them to your customers on predetermined dates as you see fit.

Your newsletters are the perfect opportunity to remind customers that it's time to schedule an appointment, and to introduce new services as you launch them. It will also keep your customers engaged so they remain customers for many years to come. Other benefits of sending newsletters to your customers include:

  • Track customer engagement so you know where improvements can be made.
  • Efficiently and affordably roll out marketing campaigns.
  • Enhance your reputation and build brand recognition.

The ease of putting together newsletters and the ability to set up multiple emails at once will save you a lot of time on both marketing and customer relations.

Make Your Website Interactive

You'll find that making your website interactive will save you a lot of time when it comes to fielding questions and setting up both initial and follow-up appointments.Include a contact form on the page that can be filled out by customers and automatically sent to you via e-mail so that you can respond in writing. This is typically a lot less time consuming that talking on the phone and you'll be able to reply with pre-written responses to the most common questions you receive.

You can also sync your pest control software with your website to allow customers to schedule appointments online based on available time slots. You don't have to do anything but read your report of new appointments at the end of the day!

These ideas will help you streamline your business so you not only save time, but you increase your profits while you're at it.