The Battle Against Termites: Learn How To Save Your Home From Structural Damage

21 December 2016
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Have you recently discovered that termites have taken over your home? You may be stressing out and wondering what steps you need to take to get rid of them. The main problem with termites is that they can cause some serious damage to the structure of your home. They eat away at wood and cause it to break down. The type of damage they cause could cost you thousands of dollars to repair, so it is best just to remove them from your property as soon as possible. There are some extermination methods to consider.

Attempting to Treat on Your Own: A Home Remedy That May Help

When you first see signs of termites, such as droppings and marks left behind on the wood, you may want to try to solve the problem on your own. There are a few things you can do to take action as quickly as you can, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to get rid of them all on your own. However, you can start by applying a thin layer of borax in areas where the termites seem to be lingering. The best way to determine where they are spending most of their time is to look out for the droppings and those noticeable signs on wood. If you are not sure what these droppings look like, they are often the size of ground coffee beans, but they are typically a few shades lighter.

While borax can cause termites to die if they digest it during a session of feasting on wood inside your home, it is not necessarily going to help you get rid of them all at once. Even though it is a good idea to use this in your home as a way of eliminating some of the infestation,  you should still have a professional exterminator help you with the process of eradicating them from your home.

Professional Treatment Options: Getting Rid of the Termites for Good

A professional exterminator can provide the right treatment to help remove these pests from your property and ultimately save your home from severe structural damage. The exact steps taken by the exterminator will depend on the severity of the infestation. However, the exterminator may use a foam or liquid pesticide that is known to be as effective as possible against termites. Bait stations may be put in place to catch these pests when they are moving around your home in search of more wood to eat. The exterminator may need to drill holes in the concrete to gain access to the areas where these pests are traveling through to get to your home. Once the holes are drilled, more pesticide products are often sprayed inside those spots to kill these pests off as quickly as possible.

If you are dealing with termites in your home, taking fast action is necessary. They are notorious for destroying properties. Instead of giving them the chance to cause structural damage to your home, simply consider using borax and hiring an exterminator who can use high-quality pesticide products to save your home from the termites.

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