How To Get Rid Of Raccoons And Prevent Them From Returning

29 December 2016
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Raccoons are scavenger animals out lurking anywhere for food. You may have seen them near dumpsters or at campgrounds trying to get into whatever they can, or you may have had them rummaging through your own garbage. They definitely are not the neatest animals and can cause quite a large mess of your garbage and yard if you've ever had them. Raccoons can also get into your home if you aren't careful. See below for tips on how to get rid of raccoons and prevent them from coming back.

Lock Up Your Garbage

If you have just a simple flip top can or a can with a lid, that just won't do to keep raccoons from getting into your trash. You can build a simple garbage can holder made of scrap wood, being sure to keep a lid on it that you can lock in place. Make sure to keep all trash in the cans and locked in the trash bin holder.

Stop Feeding Them

Don't make things too easy for them. If you have a garden it can be like a free buffet for raccoons and other animals as well. Place chicken wire around your garden to keep these pests from eating and enjoying a free meal. You can also spray your garden with spices such as cinnamon and pepper. These spices won't harm your garden and will keep those masked vegetable-stealing pests away.

Set Traps 

You can set live traps to catch these animals, but depending on the amount you have in your neighborhood, simply trapping one won't stop the other eight and their babies from coming back. Although one less is still somewhat of a win. Be sure to contact a pest control company, such as Fowler Pest Control, to help get rid of the trapped animal.

Repair Holes And Trim Trees

If you have any of these animals inside your home, garage or attic, be sure to repair any holes where they may have been entering. Use thick gauge mesh wire to help keep them out and make any necessary repairs. Also trim back trees that may be leaning over your home allowing the raccoons easy access to your roof and attic.

Prevent future raccoons from entering your home, garden or trash by setting out cotton balls soaked with a pepper and water mixture. Leave them around your garbage cans, spread around your garden and inside your home. You can also simply spray the area using a spray bottle. If you have a problem with these animals and it's getting out of hand, with excessive damage being done to your home and garden, it's time to call in the professionals. Contact a pest control company right away, and never try to handle these animals yourself.