3 Ways You Might Mistakenly Welcome Pests Into Your Homes

4 January 2017
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There are numerous ways pests can enter homes and wreak havoc. The issue is that many pests can go undetected in homes for a while. By the time homeowners become aware the pests are there, an infestation might be present. The following are a few things to be mindful of to protect you from this issue.


You likely know that leaving windows up without window screens may cause some insects to enter your home. However, you need to ensure that your window screens are intact. If you have holes or tears in your screens. Consider replacing them. If that is not in your budget, opt to seal the holes or temporarily repair the tears using tape. It is also a good idea to be mindful of the seasons and let your windows up. For example, as the weather cools down, more pests are likely to be looking for shelter. 


Perhaps you have been thinking of insects only. There are numerous other pests that also seek shelter. Some of these pests invade chimneys that are not protected. Examples of pests are bats and squirrels. You can thwart this type of invasion by ensuring that you have a chimney cap. You should also ensure that the chimney cap is intact after inclement weather such as heavy winds. Some of these pests are silent invaders, but some might make noises to let you know they are living in your chimney. Bats make screeching noises, and they can carry diseases that are harmful to humans.


Every crack in your home should be carefully noted and sealed. Many insects are small and can infiltrate your home from the tiniest cracks. For example, ants have been known to infiltrate cracks and make miniature "residences" in the cracks. Roaches can also invade through cracks. Gaps around doors leading to the exterior of your home can serve as entry points for them. Consider using weather seal strips around your doors to keep them out and improve energy efficiency. 

An ongoing pest control maintenance plan is one of the best defenses against pest infestations. These professionals will be able to pinpoint potential areas that make your home vulnerable. They can also pinpoint and treat potential pest issues before they reach the level of infestation. If you already have an infestation, chances are over-the-counter products will offer minimal help. Professionals have access to various types of pest control products, which will give you the best chance at ridding your home of pests.