3 Tips for Protecting Your Food from Mice

13 January 2017
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If you have a mouse infestation in your home, you probably worry about the mice getting into your food supply. Sure, you might be working with a pest-control professional to help eradicate the problem, but you could be wondering how you can protect your food in the meantime. Luckily, following these tips can help you keep your food safe until you are able to get your mouse infestation under control.

1. Put Food in Sealed Containers

Whenever possible, remove foods from their original containers and put them in sealed storage containers instead. These can be harder for the mice to get into than the cardboard boxes and plastic bags and packages that many food items come in. Look for containers that are thick, as these can be more difficult for mice to chew through. Along with helping to protect your food from your mouse infestation, this can also help food stay fresher and last longer.

2. Use Your Refrigerator

If you don't have any storage containers but want to keep your food safe from mice, consider keeping pantry items like flour, sugar, and other food items in your refrigerator. If they are sealed inside your refrigerator, it will be much more difficult for a mouse or rat to access them. This is also a good, quick solution if you are in a hurry but want to make sure that food items are protected.

3. Use Traps

If you don't already have mouse traps in your pantry area, then now is the time to invest in them. There are various types of mouse traps on the market nowadays, including non-cruelty traps that simply catch the mouse but do not actually harm it. If you are afraid that you still have mice raiding your pantry even though you have been taking steps to help prevent this, then using traps in your pantry is a great way to catch the mice and prevent them from getting into your food. Along with protecting your food items, this can also help you slowly but surely eradicate the problem. If you aren't sure of which mouse traps to use, consult a pest-control professional for professional advice.

As you can see, even if you have a mouse infestation in your home, you do not have to deal with mice getting into your family's food supply. Instead, give these tips a try so that you can keep your food as safe as possible from being contaminated by rodents. Contact a company such as A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc to get started working with a professional.