Three Tips to Help Reduce Your Home's Risk of Developing a Pest Problem

18 January 2017
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Pests in your home can create many sanitary and comfort problems for your family. However, homeowners often inadvertently increase the odds of their homes experiencing significant pest problems by making poor decisions or simple oversights. To help improve your ability to combat pest problems, you should always be mindful of several basic tips.  

Seal Cracks in Any Interior Walls

Over the course of time, the interior walls of your home may develop cracks. Often, these cracks will be where the floor meets the wall or around crown moulding. These cracks can provide pests with a convenient way of entering your home's interior, and as such, you should take steps to close these gaps whenever you notice them. Luckily, this is a simple task as you can use silicone caulk to discreetly close these gaps. While applying caulk to a crack is a simple task, you will want to make sure that you thoroughly clean the crack to prevent dirt from interfering with the bond between the caulk and the wall.

Keep Mulch Away from the Base of Your Home

Mulch can be a common addition to yards due to the numerous landscaping benefits that it can provide. However, it can also attract ants and termites. Unfortunately, if you have mulch right next to your house, it can make your home a bigger target for these pests. Therefore, you should make sure to leave several feet between the mulch and your home. In addition to limiting the problems posed by ants and termites, this will also reduce the risk of the exterior of your house rotting or cracking, which could make it easier for these pests to enter your house.

Contact a Pest Control Expert at the First Sign of a Problem

Many people may notice a few ants, cockroaches, or other pests in isolated incidents. As a result, they may not think that there is a serious problem. However, any visible sign of pests in your home should be taken seriously. Most of the activities of pests in your home will take place between the walls, in crawl spaces, or other difficult to reach areas. As a result, you will have little or no idea about the severity of this problem. Additionally, pest problems tend to worsen until they are addressed, and if you allow an infestation to become particularly severe or widespread, you may find that treating this problem is both more expensive and extremely disruptive to life in your house.

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