Sleep Tight, Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite: How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

16 February 2017
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When you were a child and told "goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite", you probably thought it was just some crazy saying, not a real thing. Now that you're an adult, you know that bed bugs are real and hope that they aren't something you ever have to deal with. Things happen though, and bed bugs can invade any home to feed off of human blood and become a big problem if not taken care of. See below for tips on how to get rid of bed bugs.

Cover Your Mattress

Start by stripping down your bed, then vacuum your mattress, pulling at the corners, edges and folds where bed bugs can be hiding. Be sure to also vacuum the sides and the box spring if your bed has one. Take the contents of your vacuum cleaner and empty it into a plastic garbage bag, then take it outside immediately to your trash—get it out of the house. Next, invest in a mattress cover specifically designed to keep bed bugs away. Use one on your mattress and on your box spring. It will protect your mattress in the future, and kill any remaining bugs trapped inside. You can find these mattress protectors at most mattress stores or at a big box store that sells linens. Look for pillow protectors as well. Also be sure to clean your bedding (sheets, comforter, pillowcases) in the hottest water possible.

Clean Up Clutter

Remove clutter from around your home and pick up items off of the floor where bed bugs could be making their homes. Put clothing away, and throw out items you don't need or want. It's a great time to organize and get rid of items to clean up your home a bit. Be sure to vacuum your carpeting, paying attention to the area closest to the walls. 

Rearrange Furniture

Move your bed away from the wall (at least 6 inches), and move your mattress out and away from the headboard to help keep bed bugs from being able to climb back into your bed. Move dressers out and away from the walls as well. 

Contact A Pest Control Specialist

Bed bugs aren't just in your bedroom; you can have an infestation throughout your entire home, in your couches, television stands, or hiding in the walls or electrical outlets around your home. If you have an infestation, clean your home and pick up the clutter as best as you can, but if you still have a problem, it may be time to call in a company like Bug Busters. A pest control specialist can spray your home to help get rid of the bugs, and give you more tips to help get rid of the pests.

Call a pest control specialist for help if you have an infestation and can't get rid of these bugs so you can sleep tight.