Mouse Control: Tips For Removing These Unwanted Guests From The Home

17 February 2017
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Have you recently found mouse droppings in your home? Finding these droppings could be a sign of an infestation. It is possible that you have seen at least one mouse in your home, but that means that there are likely other mice living in or around your property. There are several reasons to work on getting rid of mice from your home. One of the main reasons is that they carry diseases and can get into everything, including your clean dishes and your food. Although they are quite annoying to deal with, there are many different ways to remove them from a home.

Check for Openings and Holes

A mouse can easily fit through some of the tiniest holes and spaces, so be on the lookout of any small openings and holes in your home, especially against the wall and the front door. If there is a gap underneath your front door, mice could easily fit themselves directly under the door and crawl right into your home. In that case, purchasing a door sweep and attaching it to the bottom of the front door is an affordable and easy way to seal that gap and keep them from coming through that way.

If there are some gaps between the walls and floors in your home, consider sealing them closed using caulk and a caulking gun. You can purchase these items at most home improvement stores. By sealing up entry points, you can keep the mice from getting into your home and trying to build a nest within your property.

Use Peppermint Oil Regularly

Most mice hate that strong mint smell, so applying peppermint oil on baseboards, wall trims, counter tops, and tables is a great idea. You want to keep them from coming into your home and climbing onto your belongings, including your kitchen table, dining room table, and furniture. You can fill a spray bottle halfway with peppermint oil and halfway with water and then spray it all around the room on a regular basis. The scent might just keep those mice from coming back. The scent of peppermint may also prevent mice from finding one another because they will have trouble smelling the scent that they often leave behind for one another.

Get Expert Help From a Pest Specialist

While sealing holes and using peppermint oil are great do-it-yourself options, getting expert help may be necessary. You can hire an expert from a pest control company to look around your home and find out where these mice are likely coming from in the first place. Once that information is figured out, the expert can set out special traps to capture these mice and eliminate your infestation. There are several different types of traps that may be used, including traditional wood options as well as humane options.

If you believe you have a mouse in the home, start trying to find holes and crack and make sure to seal them. You may want to use peppermint oil on a regular basis and even ask an expert for professional help to assist you with getting rid of any infestation you have.