Natural Ways to Keep Termites Out of Your Home

4 April 2017
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If you worry about getting a termite infestation in your older wood home, you may have considered trying to use deterrents as methods in keeping them away from your structure. There are several steps you can take without using pesticides to aid in keeping your home safe from a termite invasion. Here are some things to try.

Sprinkle Beneficial Nematodes Across Your Property

Beneficial nematodes are small insects that resemble meal worms. They do not cause harm in any way to your foliage, lawn, or anyone who happens to walk across it. For this reason, many homeowners with children or pets take the safer route in adding nematodes to their property as a way to keep termites from becoming a problem. Nematodes will eat any termites that cross their path, allowing you to keep your lawn treated without adding chemicals in the process. These insects can be purchased at a gardening supply store or through online services.

Eliminate Moisture to Keep Termites Away

Termites will congregate in areas where moisture is present. This along with the availability of wood to gnaw upon will be a big attraction to these small insects. Eliminating moisture from wood surfaces will help in keeping termites from sticking around your home. Call a plumbing service to handle any leaks you have within your home and make changes to the exterior of your home if there is pooling water around the perimeter. This may include repairing overflowing gutters or adding drainage under the ground around your foundation so moisture is diverted to areas away from your wooden structure.

Treat Wood so It Is Not Considered a Tasty Snack

If you have any areas of your home's structure where untreated wood is present, adding a barrier directly to the wood can help in keeping termites from feasting upon it. A lumber yard or home goods store will have spray or paint-on products available for purchase for this reason. If you decide to make an addition to your home, install a deck, or have a shed built, make sure you use treated wood to help keep pests from burrowing into cracks. This type of wood will have a scent that insects will stay away from, making your home much less likely to suffer from a termite problem as a result. Adding a coat of paint to untreated wood can also be beneficial in keeping termites from taking up residence.