Preventing Fruit Flies In Your Kitchen: Three Helpful Tips

4 June 2018
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Fruit flies can be a nuisance during the summer. They can start as a problem near any fruit you have on your counters, but they can quickly take over your sink, trash cans, and any other potential feasting area. These pests can be difficult to get rid of, but taking a few extra precautions can help prevent them from popping up in your kitchen. Here are some tips you can use to keep fruit flies at bay.

Close The Windows

While screens can keep some pests out of the home, they can't keep fruit flies out. These flies can be small enough to fit through the holes in your screens, which can be a problem if you like to keep your windows open. Whenever possible, keep windows and doors closed. If you prefer to have some fresh air in the home, consider keeping kitchen windows closed and open others elsewhere in the home.

Ditch The Fruit Baskets

Fruit flies want a source of food when they are inside your home, and keeping fruit in baskets or on counters can provide just the buffet they are in search of. Keep fruit in crispers inside of your refrigerator, or store them in bins inside the kitchen. Apples, lemons, and oranges can all be stored in produce drawers or potato bins, which keep the fruit safely stored away while not being quite so accessible to fruit flies. You can keep bananas fresh without leaving them out for flies by covering them in plastic wrap.

Eliminate Standing Water

Standing water can provide a breeding ground for fruit flies, which means a couple of pests can quickly grow into a swarm. Don't leave the sink filled with water, and be sure that any dishes you leave to soak don't remain in water overnight. Use a towel to dry the sink after doing dishes, and make sure all plates, cups, bowls, and cookware are put away dry in your cabinets. You'll also want to avoid leaving cans or bottles from soda or beer out, as even a bit of liquid at the bottom can provide temptation for these insects. Rinse out bottles and cans before putting them in your recycling bin as an added precaution.

If you have a fruit fly problem that you can't control, contact a pest control company, such as Swat Bug Killers, for help. Your pest control expert can take the proper steps needed to get rid of the flies while also giving you additional advice about how to keep them away in the future.