Protecting Your Property Against Termite Damage

30 July 2018
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A termite infestation can cause considerable damage to a home before the owner is able to neutralize the termites. Preventing this type of damage from occurring to your home will require you to be reasonably well-informed concerning termites and the threats that they can pose to your property.

Know How Termites Can Reach Your Home

Homeowners often assume that termites will reach their homes by flying through the air. In reality, termites will usually travel through the soil. This can make it difficult to know when this problem is getting close to your home. Furthermore, some homeowners assume that there is no way to stop tunneling termites from reaching their home. Fortunately, experienced termite control professionals can apply subterranean pesticides and termite walls to stop these pests from being able to get close to your home.

Avoid Skipping Your Home's Yearly Termite Inspection

One of the reasons that termites are so damaging is that they will target areas of the home that often go unseen for long periods of time. This can allow the termites to have the time that they need to build a large colony before the issue is discovered. Regular termite inspections can be the only way to identify and correct this infestation before considerable and noticeable damage has occurred to the house.

Keep Trees And Other Woody Plants Healthy

The trees and other woody plants around your property can be an attractive target for termites. This is especially true when these plants are sick or dead, as the termites will be able to chew through the weakened wood more easily. Once the termites have established a colony in one of these plants, they may look to expand to other neighboring plants or your home. Keeping these plants healthy can greatly reduce the risk of your property developing a termite problem. This may require cutting down woody plants that have become severely diseased, but it can be essential for preventing your house from suffering major termite damage.

Properly Store Firewood

A roaring fire during the cold winter can help to warm your home and create a cozy interior space. Yet, homeowners often improperly store their firewood. Often, the firewood will be stored in an area where it will be exposed to the elements. This can make it much easier for termites to target the firewood. If it is not possible to store the firewood inside, it will need to be covered with a tarp to keep it dry, and the area around it should be regularly treated with termite repellent.

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