Mice Removal: Don't Let Fall Pass You By Without Doing These Things First

3 October 2018
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Fall is the time when most pests hibernate or seek shelter for the cold season, including mice. But instead of riding out fall and winter outdoors, some mice take refuge in human homes. If you don't take action now, your home might become home to unwelcome guests. Don't let fall pass you by without doing these mice removal jobs first.

Tighten, Seal, or Replace Your Gutter System

Mice have the unique ability to live in places you wouldn't expect them to reside, including broken, cluttered, or debris-filled gutters. Mice can use gutters to construct nests made of paper clippings, dead leaves, twigs, and even bird feathers. If the fascia boards and soffits behind your gutters are also in bad shape, mice can squeeze through them to invade your privacy. Take time to go over your gutter system now.

If your gutters are in good condition, flush them out with a water hose or pressure hose. Be sure to clean your drainage pipes during the cleaning as well. Debris can stick inside the pipes. If your gutters look less than stellar, tighten, seal, or simply replace them with a more secure system. You may also need to fix or seal the soffits and fascia boards behind your gutters.

After you ensure that your gutters, contact a pest control representative for additional guidance.

Seek Professional Exclusion Help

Mice and other rodents can enter a house through cracked concrete foundation, crumbling floor beams, and other out-of-sight structures. Rodents may also invade a house through open crawl spaces and poorly maintained attics. A contractor can use different mice exclusion methods to secure these locations and more.

A contractor may also go over your property to see if you need to make any changes to it. You may need to remove things that can harbor mice, such as old tires and overgrown bushes. If needed, pest control may use box traps to eliminate mice from your yard. Some contractors use pesticides to eliminate mice. The methods used by your contractors may vary, depending on the company's policies and requirements. 

After services, you can keep your property free of mice by cleaning around your home regularly. You want to rake up leaves and pick up branches as soon as they fall to the ground. Dead leaves and fallen branches make ideal homes for rodents in the cold season. 

For more ideas on how to exclude your home against mice this fall, contact pest control soon.