6 Ways To Fight Back Against Mosquitos Around Your Home

15 June 2021
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Mosquitos can make it difficult to enjoy your beautiful backyard. If mosquitos have taken over your backyard, you can fight back against the mosquitoes and win your space back.

#1: Mow Your Grass Each Week

If you want to keep the mosquitos away, you will want to keep your grass short. Keeping your grass short helps eliminate areas where the pests rest and breed. When grass gets tall, it creates a space for the mosquitos to hide. Keeping your grass cut and trimmed can help reduce the bugs hanging out in your yard.

#2: Pull the Weeds

Mosquitoes love to hang out in shady spots. You don't want to create unnecessary shady spots around your yard. Pull, mow, or till up any weedy spots or areas in your yard. Getting rid of weeds will improve your yard's appearance and help eliminate a crucial hang-out spot in your yard.

#3: Use Bug Bulbs 

Third, you are going to want to switch to using bug lights outside. Bug lights are basically yellow light bulbs that can help naturally keep the bugs away. Yellow lights can help reduce light pollution and help reduce the number of bugs that hang out in your backyard as well, including mosquitos. A pest control company can switch out the light bulbs in your yard for you.

#4: Eliminate Standing Water

You are going to want to eliminate standing water around your property. Standing water is necessary for mosquitoes to breed, as mosquitoes lay their eggs in water that is either standing still or moving extremely slowly.

Standing water can pool up in things such as toys and other structures around your home. Walk around your home, looking for areas where water is sitting inside of things, and empty the water out and fix the item so it doesn't collect water. A pest control company can help to identify and eliminate standing water around your home.

#5: Treat Water Features

Fifth, you are going to want to treat water features around your home. If you have a pond or fountain in your home, you will want to have a pest control company add mosquito larvicide to the water. This creates a thin surface on the water that will harm mosquito larvae without harming any of the fish in your pond. This is a great way to eliminate mosquitos and still enjoy a water feature in your yard.

#6: Use Repellents

Sixth, you can have a pest control company spray repellant on the grass and around your home to help keep the mosquitos away. You will want to do that a few times throughout the summer to keep your yard enjoyable. A pest control company can come out a few times to spray your yard.

Reach out to a mosquito control company like Mosquito Mania to learn more.