How To Get Rid Of A Mite Infestation With Professional Pest Control Services

20 September 2021
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There are several types of mites that can infest your yard and home. Many mites don't bother humans, but they can still be annoying when they invade your home in large numbers. Some mites bite, and if you have an infestation of biting mites, you may need professional pest control services to get rid of them. Here are some steps they may take.

Identify The Mites

Choosing the right treatment is easier if the mites are properly identified. Knowing the type of mite that's infesting your home gives the pest control company some information about the location of the main infestation since some mites might be mostly outdoors while others might be mostly around a place where birds or rats are nesting.

Remove The Source Of The Problem

Rats can carry mites. If you have rats in your attic, the mites could be coming from the attic and spreading through your home. In order to deal with the mite problem effectively, the pest control service may first need to eliminate the rat problem. If you have a bird nesting in a rotted soffit board or a lot of birds hanging out on your roof, the exterminator may need to use bird repellent devices to keep the birds away so mites can be eliminated.

Apply Pest Control Treatments

The pest control service may apply permethrin pesticide to kill the mites. This can kill mites right away and for a few weeks after the treatment. The exterminator may focus on the area where the infestation started, such as the attic. Most types of mites are so small that it is difficult to see them. However, sealing up your house can still be effective at keeping mites out of your home.

The pest control company may seal up gaps around your windows and doors so mites stay outside. They do this because if you have a lot of mites in your yard, they may enter your house in large numbers through a gap or crack along the foundation or exterior wall of your home.

Besides using liquid insecticide, the pest control service might also use powders, such as diatomaceous earth, in your home around problem spots and in places like electrical outlets where liquid can't be applied. The exterminator may also put down sticky traps to kill the mites and monitor their numbers.

Mites can be extremely annoying pests to have in your home. Some mites burrow under your skin and cause intense itching. Surface bites can cause intense itching that leads to scratching and skin irritation. Dust mites even trigger allergies, so you want to eliminate or reduce the number of mites in your house when possible through effective pest control treatments and services.

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