Signs Of A Termite Problem You May Not Be Aware Of

25 October 2021
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You may already know that termites are a problem that homeowners dread. You may also know that they chew through wood, but you may not actually know the signs of this pest problem in your home. There are little-known signs that a lot of homeowners aren't aware of. Read on for some of these little-known signs.

Blistered Wood

If there is wood in your home that is blistered, bubbled, or even discolored, you should pay close attention to it and take note of this problem. Blistered and discolored wood may be a sign that you have termites inside of the wood and they are chewing the wood from the inside out. You can take apart the wood in a section that may not be as noticeable and look inside of it. If you see these pests, you need to remove the sections of wood where they have been chewing and burn them outside and away from your home. Inspect the other sections of the wood to be sure it isn't rotten or soft from moisture, which can attract these pests.

Flying Swarms

If you're noticing swarms of these pests outside of your home, there's a good chance that you have these pests somewhere in your home as well. Pay attention to the area they tend to gather while flying, where they are landing, or flying in and out of your home. If you see that they are coming in and out of a specific part of your home, you need to take a closer look to see if there is any damage to the wood on this part of your house.

Piles Of Feces

Termites leave behind feces just like most other pests. Their feces are usually in a pile and they appear to look like a mound of black and light-colored feces. The color will depend on what they have been eating. Their feces are very small and look like small rounded pellets with six sides to them. If you see these piles, clean them up immediately and look around for damp wood that may contain termites.

If you notice these signs of termites, you should hire a pest control company to find the termites and to get rid of them for you. These pests can become a major problem for you as a homeowner, so get rid of them right away.

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