Why Termite Barriers Are Often An Effective Solution For Preventing An Infestation

19 January 2022
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Killing termites with insecticides is one way to remove them from your home. However, if you take these measures, you may only be solving the problem temporarily. New termites might later arrive and enter your home, where they can wreak havoc. One method available to you is a termite barrier.

Termite Barriers

Unfortunately, you may not know that termites are in your home until they have done substantial damage. For this reason, a termite barrier might be a better option. By excluding termites, you won't have to worry about your home being damaged by them.

The barrier needs to extend underneath the slab of your home. The barrier is taped down using adhesive tape made with high-quality cloth paper. You might choose to place a barrier that blocks off the entire slab or you might simply cover the slab's perimeter and pipe penetrations.

When to Add a Barrier

While you could put these barriers in place at any time, you are best off putting one of these barriers in place when you are constructing your home or when you are adding a new addition to your home. This will allow you to make sure that the barrier fully secures your home.

Once the barrier is in place, your home will be protected from termites without you needing to do anything else. This barrier has the ability to protect your home for decades by using a steel mesh with openings that are small enough to where termites cannot pass through. Particulate barriers can also prevent termites from entering by forcing them to work very hard to crawl through the particulate matter.

Chemical Barriers

Chemical barriers are a good option if your home has already been constructed. A termite control specialist can walk around your property and apply a chemical that can then be used to prevent termites from entering your property.

You will need termite control regardless of which type of barrier you will use because you must make sure that there are no termites in your home before you install the barrier. Otherwise, the termites will simply remain in your home and continue to cause damage. 

Termite Identification

You may be able to determine that your home has termites when you:

  • Spot them
  • See discarded termite wings and other body parts
  • Discover mud tubes
  • Find blisters in your wood flooring
  • Discover termite droppings

If you are not sure if you have termites, a termite control specialist will be more effective in finding and eliminating them.