Have Termites Invaded Your Home? 3 Signs That Affirm So

19 April 2022
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Anyone who has experienced a termite issue knows how problematic the invasion can be. Even if termites hardly bite or sting, you shouldn't assume they are harmless. It's good to know that these critters are dangerous in several ways, so you shouldn't entertain them. Termites are known for their massive structural damage, and that's why you should invest in timely pest control services. However, it's also good to know that they create dust or even debris that could cause respiratory issues or flare-ups among your family members. For this reason, you should always contact termite control professionals—such as Good News Pest Solutions—whenever they invade your home. But how do you know that termites have made their way into your home? See the three signs that affirm so.

You Have a Blistered Hardwood Floor 

Some termite invasion signs are apparent, even though others are not. You can tell whether you have a termite problem or infestation by looking at the wooden floor. If it looks blistered, then termites could be the cause. A hardwood floor may look as though it's water damaged or even form some "bubbles" for other reasons, but termites might be the main culprit. Subterranean termites are, for instance, known to cause a lot of damage to wooden structures, including hardwood floors. The damage is not only expensive but also irreversible. So if your hardwood floor is a bit blistered, you should contact an exterminator to help you out.

You Hear Unusual Noises Through the Walls

Strange noises could also indicate you have termites to deal with. Do you hear strange sounds like clicks coming through the walls? If you do, don't ignore it or assume nothing is happening. That clicking sound is mainly due to worker termites, which are busy munching or eating through the wooden parts. If you don't act immediately, the termites will compromise the structural strength of your property within no time. So it's advisable to hire a termite exterminator when you hear unusual noises emanating through the walls. They will help identify the source and carry out a thorough extermination process.

You See Flying Termite Wings

You may ignore those flying termite wings, but they often indicate a termite invasion. However, you shouldn't ignore them or assume they are just part of the debris around the home. Most flying termites are ever busy looking for the right mate. Amazingly, they don't shed the wings until they find one and mate. They then look for a warm place, mainly in the wooded parts of your home. So once you notice termite wings anywhere in your home, just it's time to contact a termite control company.