Termite Control You Can Do Yourself

31 May 2022
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Termites can do a lot of damage to your home and to other wood structures. These pests can create problems for you that can be very costly if not taken care of properly and exterminated the way they need to be. Termites can spread quickly and can damage not just your own home, they can spread to your neighboring homes as well. If you suspect that you have termites, you should hire a professional exterminator to inspect your home thoroughly to find where these termites are located and to treat your home properly to get rid of them. You can do some termite inspecting yourself and some extermination work as well. Read on for some tips to help you with termite control

Locate Their Nests

Termites can nest in the wood they are chewing through, but they are usually nesting in mud tunnels. You may see these tunnels along the foundation of your home, or you may see them along the ground as well. Look for these tunnels and destroy them, but you cannot just destroy the nests to get rid of the termites, you should also spray the nests to kill the pests inside as well.

Find The Rotten Wood

You more than likely have rotten wood on your home that is attracting the termites to your home. You need to find the rotten wood to help you get rid of these pests. Once you locate the rotten wood, you can remove it from your home. You should burn the pieces of wood that you remove to kill any of the pests that are still inside of it. The area surrounding the rotten wood should be sprayed with a pesticide to kill any remaining pests.

Repair The Moisture Problem

If you don't repair the moisture problem, you're going to end up in the same predicament later down the road. You need to find where the moisture is coming in from and make any necessary repairs to ensure this pest issue doesn't plague your home again. If you have moist wood in your home or water-damaged wood, you need to find what the cause was and make the repairs.

If you suspect you have termites, or you aren't really sure, you should hire a professional pest control company to inspect your home and exterminate these pests for you. You can use the information above to help you exterminate these pests yourself, but if you are in over your head, you should hire an exterminator.