3 Reasons To Call Professional Wildlife Removal Services

26 July 2022
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Wild animals such as raccoons, squirrels, bears, and snakes often stray from their natural habitats and end up in people's homes. In most cases, homeowners prefer to conduct DIY wildlife removal instead of calling professionals to handle it.

But attempting DIY wildlife removal poses various risks to the homeowners and the ecosystem. It is best to call professional wildlife removal services instead of trying DIY wildlife removal.

Here are three reasons to call a professional wildlife removal service. 

Personal Safety

Many DIY wildlife removal attempts usually escalate into a confrontation with the animal. Every living thing- humans and animals included- have a fear of death. Hence, when faced with a fight or flight scenario, it is only natural for the animal to fight back when backed into a corner. 

If you confront a dangerous animal such as a snake or bear, you have a slim chance of getting out unscathed. Even if the animal is small, for instance, a raccoon or squirrel, they will try to fight back by biting their assailant. Squirrels and raccoons can carry rabies. Hence, a bite from such an animal could infect you with rabies. 

It is safer to call professional wildlife removal services instead of attempting to remove a wild animal on your own. 

Professional wildlife removal contractors have special safety gear they use when removing wildlife. Furthermore, the contractors receive training on handling various animals to ensure their safety. 

Humane Animal Removal

When homeowners try to remove wild animals from their properties, they often injure the animal. Sometimes, the injuries incurred by animals are fatal, resulting in the animal's death. Thus, most DIY wildlife removal techniques fall below humane standards.

But professional wildlife removal contractors use humane animal removal methods. For instance, the contractors have devised traps that safely capture small animals such as raccoons. And when it comes to larger animals such as bears, the contractors usually use tranquilizer darts to subdue the animal safely. 

Once they capture or subdue the animal, they safely return it to its natural habitat in the wild.

Protect Endangered Species  

Sometimes endangered wild animals also stray onto people's properties. But, according to the Endangered Species Act, you are not allowed to kill an endangered species unless it poses bodily harm to you. 

Thus, if you try to remove an endangered animal from your property and kill it, you will have broken the law. In that respect, you could face a year in prison or a $50,000 fine for your actions. 

So, to avoid such legal issues, it is best to call wildlife removal services when an animal intrudes on your property.

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