Preventing Mice From Accessing Your Home's Interior

1 May 2023
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As a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining your living space so it remains comfortable and safe for those who utilize it daily. One part of home maintenance is the prevention of pest invasions. There are several actions to take in and around your home to thwart a mouse problem. Try these steps to keep your home rodent-free.

Tend Your Home's Exterior

If your home has any area along the outside perimeter of the building that is not intact, mice are likely to wriggle their way through to the inside. The first course of action to stop a mouse problem is to block all possible entryways to the interior space. Check your siding for panels that have become dislodged and reattach them so there are no cracks present. Patch holes in wood with putty or replace planks where needed. Remove space underneath doors with the addition of door sweeps or remove and replace doors altogether to eliminate gaps. Check that shingles are not curling or crumbling and add flashing around protrusions such as chimneys or vents. 

Remove Any Attractions 

Mice harbor themselves in areas that are dark and warm. For this reason, any wood piled up in your yard is an attraction for rodents, as well as other pests. If possible, move the wood to an area far enough from your structure that rodents will not get too close to your living space when they are in search of warmth, water, or food. If you have outdoor animals that you feed, always take up their feeding containers when they have finished. Cover birdbaths, fountains, and other possible water sources when they are not in use. Avoid storing any food products in sheds or garages, as they will attract mice and other animals.

Set Traps And Get Professional Service

If you have dealt with a mouse problem in the past, setting up traps in various areas of your home is helpful in determining whether they have returned. If you have pets or small children, avoid bait or snap traps for safety reasons. Instead, opt for no-kill cubes that you position in corners or behind furnishings where they are not seen. If you trap a mouse, you will hear it attempt to get out of the cube. You can then release it outdoors. For year-round protection against mouse invasions, consider hiring a pest control service to check your home for signs of rodents. They will then use an appropriate treatment to eliminate them and will make additional recommendations to stop future outbreaks from occurring.

Contact a rodent control service to learn more.