The Tale Of The Pissant: Info & Cool Facts To Know

23 October 2019
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They may show up every summer. They sometimes come inside the house in droves and seemingly try to take over. They are tiny and difficult to see. They are pissants, and they can be a real pain for anyone who has them. Google the phrase "get rid of pissants," and you're likely going to get all kinds of home remedies to keep these buggers out of the house. Unfortunately, these tiny members of the ant family are far harder to eradicate than just rubbing windowsills with a dryer sheet or sitting out a cup of apple cider vinegar. Read More 

Identifying And Treating For Pharaoh Ants

3 July 2019
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Ants are a problem for any type of dwelling, but one particular species that may be particularly troublesome for you is the pharaoh ant. If you are tempted to exterminate this invasive species on your own, then you might want to think twice. Pharaoh ants don't respond to the usual home pest control treatments. Here is more about the pharaoh ant, the differences between this species and other common species of house ants, and what attracts them to your home. Read More 

3 Reasons To Outsource Your Commercial Pest Control

29 January 2019
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Whether you have a small business in its infancy or you own a thriving company with an established customer base, one detail that you need to consider is how you want to handle your company's pest control. Though it's tempting to reduce costs by doing your own pest control, there are multiple benefits to hiring a company with experience in commercial pest control. Check out a few of the advantages of outsourcing your commercial pest needs. Read More