Mice Removal: Don’t Let Fall Pass You By Without Doing These Things First

3 October 2018
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Fall is the time when most pests hibernate or seek shelter for the cold season, including mice. But instead of riding out fall and winter outdoors, some mice take refuge in human homes. If you don't take action now, your home might become home to unwelcome guests. Don't let fall pass you by without doing these mice removal jobs first. Tighten, Seal, or Replace Your Gutter System Mice have the unique ability to live in places you wouldn't expect them to reside, including broken, cluttered, or debris-filled gutters. Read More 

Protecting Your Property Against Termite Damage

30 July 2018
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A termite infestation can cause considerable damage to a home before the owner is able to neutralize the termites. Preventing this type of damage from occurring to your home will require you to be reasonably well-informed concerning termites and the threats that they can pose to your property. Know How Termites Can Reach Your Home Homeowners often assume that termites will reach their homes by flying through the air. In reality, termites will usually travel through the soil. Read More 

Preventing Fruit Flies In Your Kitchen: Three Helpful Tips

4 June 2018
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Fruit flies can be a nuisance during the summer. They can start as a problem near any fruit you have on your counters, but they can quickly take over your sink, trash cans, and any other potential feasting area. These pests can be difficult to get rid of, but taking a few extra precautions can help prevent them from popping up in your kitchen. Here are some tips you can use to keep fruit flies at bay. Read More